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Drug Free Communities

After School


Teen Programs

After School.
After School

Power Hour.

An hour each day that is dedicated to studying, homework and academics.

This gives our students the opportunity to get homework help and ask questions when needed. The support they receive allows them to feel confident in their studies and helps them grow tremendously.

Interested in Volunteering?

Volunteers contribute greatly to our members and to our club. One way that they help is by tutoring our youth during after-school hours, motivating them to finish their homework and reminding them that they are capable.

Gardening & Nutrition.

Teaching health & nutrition is one of our core values.

Our garden features fruits and vegetables planted by our youth and master growers. Children learn the basics of gardening and are able to cook or take home food that they grew themselves! This program has won the Delaware County Youth Gardening award and continues to make an impact in the lives of youth everyday.

My. Future.

My.Future is an academic program designed to help children excel in their learning. 

Members get to spend time doing online work in our computer lab. This program prepares them for their futures and their careers.

Computer Labs

Our labs are distraction free-zones filled with state-of-the-art technology. This helps us achieve the goal of providing an adequare learning environment for our members.

21st Century Learning Community.

21st Century Learning Community is a federally funded program focused on the academic development of our young people.

This program is full of activities that expand the mind and teach creativity, teamwork, and excellence.


As always, we provide support to our members during each part of their journey. Our staff and volunteers help lead activities and help children when assistance is needed.


BGCC Basketball.jpg
Our George E. Carter Spring League is a great way for our members to stay physically fit and active, as well as develop their basketball skills. 

Our athletic directors and volunteers help run this league and train our members. Youth that participate in this program get to compete and play in various different basketball games and drills.

76ers Partnership

We are proud to partner with the Philadelphia 76ers to offer basketball programs such as the dunk team event and other experiences.

Recreational & Instructional Activities.

Fun and play are key aspects of a child's life.

We provide a safe space for children to learn teamwork, grow friendships, and have fun by playing games. We have a variety of game tables such as air hockey, billiards, fooz-ball, and ping-pong. We also provide activities such as tennis, lacrosse, soccer, cheerleading, dance, weightlifting, and engineering.


Games like these help our members stay active physically, mentally, and socially — three areas that are immensely important to maintaining and developing one's well-being, and therefore, three areas that are immensely important to us as a club.


Through this program, members get to connect with someone that is a few steps ahead of them in the journey. 

Every individual needs someone to look up to. A leader to follow. An example and role model. Someone to guide them along the way. This is key to a person's development and growth. Our federally funded mentorship program does exactly that.


Summer Camp.

Every year, we offer a summer camp for our youth. The camp runs during the summer months, Monday through Friday from 8:45 am to 5:00 pm.
We also offer an additional pre-camp for earlier campers starting at 8:00 am. The age group ranges from 6-14 with limited space available! Activities include swimming, basketball, arts and crafts along with many more! Click Here for the Application Form and Click Here for the Minor Waiver Form.



The Youth Summit is an annual event featuring a variety of workshops as well as entertainment, awards, food vendors and keynote speakers. It is mainly designed for young people ages 12 through 22 from Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.


Our executive director, Janet Riley-Ford, shares, “The impact of the youth summit has always been that the project is planned and organized primarily by Chester youth to assess the needs of their community and peers, assuring that the youth voice is represented throughout the process."

Annual Fundraiser.

Each year, we hold an annual fundraiser that celebrates our years of service to the Chester community and acknowledges our donors and sponsors that make our work possible. We are continually grateful for their support. Without them, we would not be able to impact lives in the ways that we do.
All proceeds from this event go directly to the programs of the club including scuba diving, basketball programs, and our garden, so that we can continue to invest in young lives.

Theatre Program.


Each year, students have the opportunity to audition for a play that is performed at the Media Theatre.


Engaging in the performing arts gives students the chance to develop their acting, dancing, and musical skills, while also learning teamwork and growing friendships with other cast members – moments and experiences they will remember for a lifetime.

Teen Programs.
Teen Programs

Teen Achievement Program.

Our teen achievement program provides a community for our teenage members – a safe space for them to have fun, hang out with their friends, and attend events.
Not only do our teens get to develop friendships, but they also develop valuable leadership skills. Mentored through personal development and critical thinking skills, they pass down what they've learned by acting as examples and mentors to our younger members. They grow their confidence and their character because they are given the chance to find their voice and express and implement their ideas.



We invite teen members of our community to "Teen Fridays" every weekend from 5:30pm-7:30pm.


Led by our Youth Leadership Team, each week features a different topic of their choosing.

These nights include games, food, workshops, activities, and guest speakers. Once a month, we designate one of these weeks for "We Own Fridays," an extended night that allows for more time and longer activities.


These Teen Friday events allow all teens of the Chester community to interact with one another in a fun and safe environment. We work hard to create a safe space for anybody that walks through our doors.

Scuba Diving & Robotics.

Our teen achievement program provides a community for our teenage members – a safe space for them to have fun, hang out with their friends, and attend events.
Introduced in March of 2016, our scuba diving program gives students the unique opportunity to develop skills in scuba diving and eventually become certified divers. The Atlantic Rangers Scuba Club volunteer their services to teach our members to “Try Scuba,” assisting them in learning the basics of scuba diving. In addition, this program combines scuba diving with robotics. With the assistance of instructors, participants get hands-on experience by building underwater robotic devices to compete against other robotics teams in the tri-state area. Youth have the opportunity to enter into competitions at Drexel University and Villanova University.
Drug Free Communities.
Basic DFC logo.jpg


The mission is to develop an innovative & comprehensive multi-organizational approach to preventing substance abuse among youth in the city of Chester.


We are committed to  all chester youth  reaching their full potential and making a successful transition to adulthood, while giving back to their community now & in the future.


1. Increase Community Conversation & Collaboration
2. Reduce Youth Substance Abuse

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