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90 Years & Counting Virtual Fundraiser

(February 11, 2022) – The Boys & Girls Clubs of Chester (BGCC) will be celebrating 90 Years of servicing the community with our virtual fundraiser, 90 Years & Counting, streaming live to Facebook, YouTube & Twitter.

This virtual fundraiser has something for everyone to enjoy with a mixture of entertainment and information. During our Education & Information session, we will feature a live Health Discussion on Children & Vaccinations, Business Advice from the Chester Business Association & Delaware County Chamber of Commerce, and an array of workout segments to keep family and friends active. This fundraiser will also feature performances from our Moment of Inspiration and a Jazz & Flow Session filled with performances from poets, singers, and the jazz band Raising Kane.

All are welcome to join February 11th to Dance, Sing, Play A Game, and Raise a Glass to help spread the love for our children this Valentine's Day Weekend. This event will be on February 11th, from 12 pm – 8 pm, with multiple live performances, workout segments, panel discussions, and so much more.

Line Up

Jazz & Flow session with:

  • Headliner: Raising Kane

  • Saxophone Performance by: Rafáel Devón

  • Musical Performance by: Kiasa Monae, A'Ishah Songstress, Charvez Grant, The National Act-So Band,

  • Poetry by: Kween Kriss, and Ashia Cameron

A Moment of Inspiration with:

  • Painting & Ministry by Tucker Rodkey

  • Musical Performances by: Jadon Heath, Sunny B., and Minister Lisa Dennis.

Education & Information session:

  • Health Discussion: Children & Vaccinations with Marina Barnett, DSW & Dr. William King

  • Business Advice from the Chester Business Association & De laware County Chamber of Commerce

  • Mental Health Panel Discussion: Mental Health Matters In A Pandemic

  • Workout Instructions by Derrick Billups, Jr. of SMAT Downtown

  • Basketball Skills & Drills by Eric of Fidonce Basketball

  • Boxing Basics with Jonnie Slow of War Ready Boxing

Donations can be made in person at the Boys & Girls Club of Chester or online by visiting us online at

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