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We opened our doors in 1929 with the goal of developing the youth of Chester. Since then, we've been paving the way to great futures by helping our members learn and grow as individuals.


We make an impact.

Through a variety of after school programs and events, we provide a foundation for great futures. Our members are provided with mentorship and support, helping them develop into the leaders they were always meant to become.

Our strategy.

Our work is shaped by best-practices from national out-of-school time models and interviews and input from Chester OST stakeholders. The Chester Older Youth Plan highlights four focal areas as the basis for improving conditions for youth in Chester: Health & Wellness, Post-Secondary Options, Quality Out-of-School Time, and Workforce Preparation.

By employing these strategies, we hope to prepare the youth of Chester for successful post-secondary careers.




Our mission is to nurture the development of our young people and guide them along the path to future success by providing an environment that supports excellence in education, good character and citizenship, and a healthy lifestyle.




Our vision is that all Chester youth reach their full potential and make a successful transition to adulthood, while giving back to their community now and in the future.

To provide a home away from home. 

To provide vocational counseling and career guidance

To provide and create an adequate learning environment

To help combat youth idleness and help curtail juvenile delinquency

To help develop athletic skills and create good attitudes

To help combat teenage drug and alcohol use.  

In 1929, the late Judge Fronefield became alarmed at the increasing number of juvenile delinquency cases coming before the courts and called together a group of Chester's business and professional men to study conditions and recommend remedies. The result was several small rooms at Third and Kerlin Streets - the Boys' Club. The Boys' Club was incorporated in 1930. The Club grew rapidly and in 1933 moved to an old three-story factory building at Front Street and Concord Avenue. During those Depression years, the Club repaired and half-soled shoes for the needy, striving to fill the leisure time of boys at that time with things to do under proper supervision and guidance. From 1956 through most of 2010, the Club was located at 425 Front Street (Front and Fulton Streets) in what was once a filter treatment house on the Chester Water Authority property. In 1990, girls were invited to join the Boys Club, which subsequently became the Boys and Girls Club of Chester


On October 22, 2010, the official grand opening of the George E. Carter Center became the new home of the Boys & Girls Club of Chester. The newly constructed recreation center is located at 201 East 7th Street. The George E. Carter Center serves as not only a recreation center, but also a place where youth can learn and grow as individuals through technology, the arts, and educational programming. The 16,600 square foot facility features a computer lab, classroom and tutorial space, locker rooms, indoor basketball courts, a general activities area, and other related amenities.

Safety is Priority.

The Safety and Wellbeing of Young People is Our Number One Priority. Our members are the reason we do the work that we do. We work every day to create a safe, fun environment so kids can have every opportunity to be successful in life.

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