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Jr. 76 Summer Hoops Tour Comes To Chester

The Boys & Girls Club of Chester was abuzz with excitement as the BGCC gym was transformed into a mini Jr. 76ers stadium. With the iconic blue, white, and red banners proudly waving outside, young campers couldn't help but feel a rush of anticipation and enthusiasm for what promised to be a day filled with basketball fun.

A Day of Hoops, Fun, and Inspiration

The Jr. 76 Summer Hoops Tour made its grand appearance at the Boys & Girls Club of Chester on Tuesday, July 25th. Campers poured into the gym suited up in their 76ers Hoopers gear, and began their warm-up drills.

Skills and Drills

Campers started their day with warm-up drills that included stretching exercises to ensure the campers were ready to give their best on the court. The Jr 76 coaching staff guided our young athletes by working on their defensive and offensive techniques.

Games, Giveaways, and More!

The Jr. 76 Summer Hoops Tour offered more than just training techniques. Cheers and laughter echoed throughout the gymnasium as the campers were divided into teams. The Boys & Girls Club of Chester pulsated with excitement as the young athletes showcased their talent and passion for basketball.

At the beginning of the camp, the Jr. 76 coaching staff promised campers a day full of surprises. Halfway into their training, campers were greeted by a special guest, #44 of the Philadelphia 76ers', Paul Reed.

Campers enjoyed an exclusive Q&A with Reed where they asked him various questions ranging from his inspiration for basketball, how many years he has been playing, and what he enjoys most about the game.

Campers also received signed autographs, took selfies with Reed, and got personal coaching tips during their drills training. The campers joyfully reflected upon receiving valuable advice and words of encouragement from the 76ers' power forward.

“Any opportunity I get to come back and teach the youth something, spend my time with them, I always try to take advantage of it,” Reed said. “It’s like a moral thing.”

- Paul Reed | Philadelphia 76ers #44 [insert from Philadelphia Inquirer]

See Paul Reed aka @Bball_paul, entrance capture by Keith Pompey, writer for Philadelphia Inquirer.

Jr. 76 Summer Hoops Tour, sponsored by Five Below, was an experience that brought joy and excitement to everyone involved. The Boys & Girls Club campers will always remember their day of basic training, games, an exclusive hype show, a dance competition, 76ers giveaways, and a surprise Philadelphia 76ers guest.

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